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GEM Cultures, Inc.

P.O. Box 39426
Lakewood, WA 98496 USA



Greetings from Washington,

GEM Cultures is entering our 44th year in business!  We are a family owned and operated business started by our folks Betty and Gordon in 1980.  We are continuing to care for the very same cultures they cared for, so you too can enjoy these fresh cultures and share them.

Please be aware that fresh cultures cannot be shipped in the extreme heat.  During the hot summer months, the bread leavens, the dairy cultures, Kombucha and Seed Miso will not be shipped until cooler weather.  These periods will vary depending on where you live.  To find out if we are shipping fresh cultures to your area during the summer, you can email us at
gemculture@juno.com and leave us your zip code.   We will use this to check the temperatures in your area.  When we see it is reasonably cool, we will ship these cultures once again.  We continue to ship fresh cultures to parts of the cooler Northwest year round (you can email us to check on your area).

Occasional deep freezes can also cause delays, as we pride ourselves on the "FRESH" in fresh cultures.  The dry cultures such as the Natto and Koji starters and Tofu coagulants, as well as the kitchen items can be shipped all year round.

There are three ways to place an order with us from within the USA:

  1. You can email us your order (Attaching Order Form Not Necessary) by listing the items, quantities, shipping address, and your Pay Pal email address, then we will send you Pay Pal instructions. gemculture@juno.comIf you do not have a Pay Pal account, you can check out as a "Guest" using a Credit card, Debit card or a Check.

  2. You can send us your order in the mail, along with a Check or Money Order to the address located above and on our U.S. Order Form, which can be printed.  If you are unable to print our order form, use any piece of paper to provide all the information we ask for on our order form.

  3. You can also make a transfer using Zelle.  To use this option, please email us at gemculture@juno.com with your entire order and we can give you instructions for this.

To place an order from outside the USA, see the "Orders Outside U.S." page.  Email us your order by listing the items, quantities and the country you are located in so we can calculate the postage and send you Pay Pal instructions.  gemculture@juno.com

For those of you just learning about us and all those who have been long time customers (and friends) of Betty and Gordon, we thank you and look forward to serving you.

We look forward to serving you, Lisa & Russ Dunham.


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