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Self Renewing Kombucha


This tough, slippery culture pad, is not a fungus at all, but rather a Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeasts, a mixture of one specific bacterium and one or more yeasts.  The beverage, Kombucha (a.k.a. teeschwamm, wunderpilz, hongo, cajnif, & other names) has a clean, slightly acid taste comparable to a light non-alcohol wine or apple cider.

To culture this tea, brew black tea, sweetened with white sugar.  When it has cooled, combine the black tea, the Tea Fungus Pad and some Kombucha beverage in a clean glass jar and allow it to culture for 10-12 days at 75-85 F.

The directions spell out this traditional culture method and show how One culture can be maintained for a lifetime! Note: Kombucha cannot be shipped during freezing temperatures.

 Kombucha Pad (with half-cup of Cultured Tea)  

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These wonderful cloth covers are an attractive way to cover your ferments whether it is Dairy Kefir, Kombucha or Water Kefir, etc.  Made of stretchy 95% Cotton-5% Spandex and elastic, they snuggly fit the quart, half gallon and gallon size jars (3.25"-5.5"), as well as a bowl when making Villi, keeping dust and pests out of your ferments.  Available in 8 colors.  Reusable and hand washable, just lay flat to dry!  These covers are handmade locally, for GEM Cultures by Darling Dunhams.

Fermentation Cloth Covers Please State Color: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, Green, White,Navy or Yellow.  Temporarily Out of Stock

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